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Performance Award of the French Pyramids of Wealth Management 2021 for the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset

MainFirst Asset Management has received the Performance Award of the French Pyramids of Wealth Management 2021 in the “Collective Management – Flexible Wealth” category for its global multi-asset fund, the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset.

The Pyramids, organized in March for the 9th consecutive year, are awarded by Investissement Conseils magazine. With around one hundred management companies competing for the award, the magazine recognises the main players in asset management and the best investment products. The awards honour the most efficient and innovative companies and those that are most popular among independent financial advisors (IFAs). The Pyramids are based on the result of an exclusive survey conducted by Investissement Conseils with 5,900 IFAs during January and February 2021.

The products nominated for the Performance Awards are selected by the Quantalys database, which brings technical expertise and analyses aspects such as the alpha and volatility of the funds.

Adrian Daniel, Portfolio Manager comments: "The fund's investment strategy benefited from the team's focused view on structural growth trends. In contrast to the industry-standard top-down management of balanced funds, the main part of the investment structure in the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset comes from sustainable investment themes, i.e. from a bottom-up perspective. As a result, the Portfolio Management focused early on global growth companies related to digitalisation, automation, and decarbonisation. On the bond side, on the other hand, a quality-oriented selection is made, which is intended to generate a stabilising effect for the core risk of equities. This combination of participation in growth trends on the global equity markets and diversification via high-quality bonds, foreign currencies, and gold has ultimately proven successful in 2020."

Along with the Euro Fund Award and the Austrian Fund Award, this is the third award the fund has received this year. In 2020, the fund was also awarded the German FNG and the Luxembourg Luxflag ESG labels.


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