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Four MainFirst funds awarded the FNG label for the first time

The Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG), a sustainable investment forum that operates in German-speaking countries, has recognised four funds from MainFirst Asset Management for the first time. In future, the following investment funds will carry the FNG label: the MainFirst Global Equities Fund, the MainFirst Global Equities Unconstrained Fund, the MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset, and the MainFirst Germany Fund. When assessing funds, this coveted award takes internationally recognised sustainability standards into account and is now the standard of quality in the German-speaking world. 

The aforementioned funds meet the requisite FNG standards and will be awarded a star for quality over and above this. “For MainFirst, being awarded the FNG label is a confirmation of our long-standing and holistic commitment to sustainability,” says Managing Director Thomas Merx. Both he and the team are pleased with the recognition and Mr. Merx would also like to congratulate the Fund Managers working with Frank Schwarz, Adrian Daniel, and Olgerd Eichler.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as a selection criterion for investments. However, as there is no clear, overarching definition for sustainable investment, the relevance of transparent and understandable sustainability labels is increasing. For this reason, MainFirst is pleased to be awarded the label as a quality standard for sustainable investment funds in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

Patrick Vogel, Portfolio Manager in the Global Equities/Multi Asset Team explains: “The trend towards taking sustainability criteria into account is irreversible and is now a key decision-making factor for many clients. We consider making a valuable contribution to a more sustainable use of capital through informed stock selection and clearly defined exclusion criteria as one of our core responsibilities. That is why we are very pleased to have been awarded the FNG label. At the same time, this recognition is also an incentive to resolutely continue along the path we have chosen.”

“By integrating ESG sustainability criteria into the investment decision process, we are not entering uncharted territory at MainFirst. The concept of sustainability is firmly embedded in our DNA. We clearly demonstrated this several years ago by signing the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). At the same time, as a multi-boutique, it is essential that we do not try to impose a ‘one size fits all’ in the practical implementation of our ESG strategy. This enables the individual teams to pursue different sustainability approaches. And this demonstrates the character of MainFirst,” adds Alexander Lippert, Portfolio Manager in the German and European Equites Team.

Information about the FNG label:

The methodology of the FNG label, which has been awarded on an annual basis since 2015, is based on a set of minimum requirements such as transparency criteria, consideration of labour and human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption, as summarised in the globally-recognised UN Global Compact. Sustainability factors are also incorporated into the investment process. Investments in nuclear power, coal mining, significant coal-based electricity generation, fracking, oil sands, weapons and armaments are avoided. This means that certified funds follow a transparent sustainability approach, the credible application of which has been verified by an independent audit (University of Hamburg) and monitored by an external committee with interdisciplinary expertise.

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