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On course for growth: MainFirst surpasses the 5 billion euro mark

MainFirst Asset Management has surpassed the 5 billion euro mark in terms of assets under management. With a clear and stringent focus on its core competence, active stock selection, the multi-investment boutique is continuing its growth course: In addition to the continuous expansion of its sustainability approach, MainFirst intends to opportunistically exploit growth opportunities by expanding its product range and investment teams. 

Frankfurt, 21. Juli 2021 – It is the start of a new growth offensive: For the first time, MainFirst has surpassed the €5 billion mark in assets under management.  Moreover, MainFirst has entered the top ten of its peer group for the first time in the asset manager ranking of Scope for the second quarter of 2021 and is now in fourth place in the top ranking of small companies. The rating reflects the strong absolute and relative performance of the product range and once again underpins the strength of the investment teams and their investment strategies.

Despite the headwinds from the Corona crisis, MainFirst's funds were able to achieve impressive performance - each equity fund significantly outperformed its respective benchmark in its area. "During the Corona crisis, active stock selection experienced a renaissance," reports Patrick Vogel, Head of Portfolio Management and Member of the Management Board at MainFirst. "Here we were able to demonstrate our strengths as a multi-investment boutique."

Independence and active stock selection as the key to success

According to Vogel, the environment that MainFirst offers its portfolio managers is the decisive factor for success. "As a multi-investment boutique, we offer our portfolio management teams the opportunity to consistently pursue their own investment strategies and philosophies. Those who want to generate added value for investors in the long term must not be guided by the masses, but must follow their own paths. That is why the fund managers at MainFirst do not align their portfolios with benchmarks and do not have an overarching Chief Investment Officer who restricts room for manoeuvre. Instead, they can act independently within the investment guidelines."

MainFirst to expand product range and fund teams

To continue on its growth path, MainFirst intends to focus even more on its strength, active stock selection, and transfer it to other areas. "We have already proven our expertise in many markets and asset classes. In the future, we also want to offer our clients added value beyond the core universe," says Thomas Bernard, CEO of the Haron Group, to which MainFirst belongs. The expansion of the product range is not to be limited to the proven portfolio management teams. "We are interested in adding more characters to our platform and further developing them," says Bernard. With this, MainFirst wants to herald the next stage of its growth course.

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