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  New Management Board member at MainFirst Bank AG

Frankfurt/Main, 22 March 2018 – A new member will join the Management Board of MainFirst Bank AG: The Supervisory Board has appointed Ebrahim Attarzadeh as a member of the Management Board of MainFirst Bank AG with effect from 1 April 2018. Together with Management Board member Bjoern Kirchner he will form a dual leadership team for MainFirst Bank AG from 1 May 2018. As announced in July 2017 already, current CEO Andreas Haindl will be leaving the company at his own request when his contract expires on 30 April 2018.

Ebrahim Attarzadeh has been with MainFirst since 2006. He started in Sales Trading and took over the management of this unit in 2008. Since 2011, he has been in charge of the Equities division. Attarzadeh began his career in 2002 at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Bjoern Kirchner has been a member of the Management Board since 2007. From 2003 to 2007, he headed Equity Research. Since then, he has acted as Chief Financial Officer of MainFirst Bank AG.

At a General Meeting of MainFirst Bank AG Marc-Antoine Bree was elected as a new member of the Supervisory Board.

Marc-Antoine Bree, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, comments: “With the appointment of Ebrahim Attarzadeh to the Management Board of MainFirst Bank AG we have implemented an internal solution as intended and have achieved the desired management continuity with a competent personality. Regarding the departure in April 2018 of our long-standing CEO Andreas Haindl, we have found a perfect succession solution with Ebrahim Attarzadeh and Bjoern Kirchner forming a dual leadership team. This will facilitate the continued enhancement of the successful positioning of the Bank over the coming years.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank Andreas Haindl for his outstanding work and achievements in the build-up and development of MainFirst Bank AG, where he has made a decisive contribution since 2006. The committees and staff will stay connected with him and wish him every success for future endeavours.”


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  Changes in management team and supervisory bodies at MainFirst

Frankfurt/Main, 13 July 2017 – After having established a long-term stable shareholder structure by selling the majority of shares to Haron Holding AG in April 2017, MainFirst is setting on course a change in its management team. Andreas Haindl, member of the management board of MainFirst Bank AG since 2007 and CEO since 2013, at his own request will leave the firm when his current contract ends on 30 April 2018. Succession to the management board will be appointed from within the Bank and be announced in due course. Bjoern Kirchner, CFO since 2007, has extended his contract until 2020. 

Haindl comments: "MainFirst has been a unique entrepreneurial success story and I feel proud to have contributed to the development of the Bank for 12 years, from 2013 as CEO. The business areas of MainFirst are very well positioned. Also, in April of this year we successfully secured Haron Holding as a long-term anchor investor. Therefore, I am convinced that 2018 will be a good time for the generational change in leadership. With my management board colleague Bjoern Kirchner and an internal successor to the management board we will safeguard continuity. For me personally this will be the right time to pursue new professional challenges. Until then I am fully committed to supporting the transition."

After the previous Chairman Thomas Emde departed at the end of June 2017 when his terms of office ended, his successors have now been elected. New Chairman of the supervisory board of MainFirst Bank AG is Herbert Pfennig, currently CEO of Deutsche Apotheker- und Aerztebank eG until 31 August 2017. The annual general meeting has elected Luca Pesarini, owner of the new majority shareholder Haron Holding AG, as the new Chairman of the board of directors of MainFirst Holding AG. Thomas Emde welcomes the decisions: "I am delighted that with Luca Pesarini and Herbert Pfennig two extraordinarily experienced and successful finance managers have been elected as my successors."


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  MainFirst sees itself well positioned for the future

Frankfurt/Main, 24 April 2017 - MainFirst has established a long-term stable shareholder structure and, with Haron Holding, a new majority shareholder. Existing MainFirst shareholders have sold 24.5 per cent of MainFirst Holding registered shares to Haron Holding - in addition, Haron Holding is acquiring 4.5 per cent of MainFirst Holding AG´s treasury shares. The closing of the transaction took place on 21 April 2017, having obtained all required regulatory consents. Haron Holding, which previously controlled 44.9 per cent of the share capital of MainFirst Holding, now owns 73.9 per cent of the share capital.

MainFirst secures long-term stable shareholder structure through Haron Holding

Management and Partners of MainFirst welcome this commitment on the part of Haron Holding. Andreas Haindl, CEO of MainFirst Bank AG, regards this as an important step in order to further develop MainFirst´s successful business model: "With Haron Holding we have taken on board an anchor investor who is positive for the future development of MainFirst. Part of our management strategy has been to establish a long-term shareholder structure around our key employees. We have succeeded in this since 2014, with Haron and at the same time by broadening the Partner group, making it younger and more international." With a shareholding of 21.7 per cent, MainFirst staff continue to be significant shareholders in the firm - employee participation remains an important element for MainFirst. "In all of this, it has been important for us to maintain the entrepreneurial DNA of the firm", Haindl emphasises.

MainFirst enjoys excellent business prospects

Haron has been a significant shareholder in MainFirst since 2014 and supports the firm´s strategy. Over the past few years, MainFirst has strengthened its positioning as a European capital markets firm with a focus on active outperformance and alpha generation for its clients - in the Equities division as well as in Asset Management. "In Equity Brokerage, we have gained further market share", Haindl states. "Our success as a European equity brokerage firm is rooted in the high quality of our research with a focus on German, Swiss, French and Italian mid- and large-cap stocks." MainFirst has further sharpened its profile in this area - not least in preparation for MiFID II. "We have also further expanded our Asset Management division with high-calibre hirings. Thomas Meier has added to our range of equity strategies - and Bjoern Esser and his team represent outstanding expertise in multi asset/absolute return", adds Haindl. In addition, MainFirst has expanded into asset servicing with the Luxembourg investment management company MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A.

Ideal timing for a change in the chairmanship

Against the background of the financial strength and the stability of the firm, Chairman Thomas Emde considers this the right time for a change in the chairmanship of the supervisory board and the board of directors. Therefore, Emde, who has been Chairman of both the supervisory board of MainFirst Bank AG and the board of directors of MainFirst Holding AG since the foundation of the firm in 2001, has chosen to leave both of these roles when his current terms of office expire at the annual general meetings in Q2 2017. He will remain a legal advisor to the firm. "Following the mutually agreed acquisition of the majority by Haron Holding and after 15 years in the role of Chairman, the ending of my current tenure as Chairman of the supervisory board marks the right time for me to relinquish my roles", says Thomas Emde. "I am very confident that MainFirst is positioned well for the future and will continue to develop in a very positive way. I have tremendously enjoyed supporting this extraordinary entrepreneurial achievement and success story since helping to set it up in 2001."

"Thomas Emde has made very important contributions to the establishment and expansion of MainFirst over the years", Andreas Haindl comments. "On behalf of the whole MainFirst team I should like to extend our sincere thanks to Thomas Emde, for his outstanding commitment and his forward-looking support of our bank and the management team since our foundation in 2001. I wish him all the best for the future."

About MainFirst

MainFirst, founded in 2001, is an independent European capital markets firm, specialising in equity brokerage, equity capital markets and asset management. The company employs approx.180 staff in locations in Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris and Zurich.

MainFirst Equity Brokerage is one of the leading independent, European institutional equity research and brokerage firms. 35 research analysts cover approx. 260 German, Swiss, French and Italian mid- and large-cap stocks. The focus is on "high alpha"-generating ideas which need not be consensual. The multi-local approach facilitates particular proximity to both European corporates and investors. 

MainFirst Asset Management pursues a multi boutique approach and is focussed on investment strategies in the asset classes equities, fixed income and multi asset/absolute return. Experienced portfolio management teams develop strategies with high active share and individual investment processes. This is combined with the clearly defined procedures of an established international platform. The firm manages both mutual funds and tailor-made segregated mandates. 


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  Haron Holding AG looking to increase its stake in MainFirst Holding AG – no impact on MainFirst business policy and customer services

Frankfurt am Main, 24 November 2016 Haron Holding AG is planning to increase its stake in MainFirst Holding AG. Accordingly, Haron Holding, which to date holds 44.9 percent of the share capital of MainFirst Holding, has made a purchase offer to the shareholders of MainFirst Holding with the aim of acquiring a further 29 percent of share capital. As with all such transactions, the offer is subject to approval from BaFin within the framework of ownership control procedures. 

The management, partners and Board of Directors of MainFirst Holding AG welcome the offer from Haron Holding. Haron has been a shareholder in MainFirst for two years and supports the business model and strategy of MainFirst Group. On the one hand, this is based on the European equity brokerage platform with highest quality research. On the other hand, this implies the successful multi-boutique approach in asset management, in which highly experienced fund management teams pursue the clearly defined implementation of their respective investment styles. An acquisition by Haron of the majority shareholding will have no influence on the business policy and customer services of MainFirst. Haron Holding is a long-term investor and reliable partner for MainFirst. 

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  A+ rating from GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung mbH

MainFirst Bank AG has once again been awarded an A+ rating from GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung mbH, thereby confirming its rating from last year.

According to the rating report, MainFirst Bank AG has a strong and resilient business model with an excellent capital structure. The rating outlook is also confirmed as stable. 

  MainFirst Group strengthen its Asset Management division with its own management company in Luxembourg
MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A. will assume the administration of the MainFirst mutual fund family as of 1 January 2016

Settlement routes for clients will not change as a result of this


Frankfurt am Main, November 26, 2015 - MainFirst Group strengthen its Asset Management division with its own management company in Luxembourg.  MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A. will assume the administration of the MainFirst mutual fund family as of 1st January, 2016. This function has previously been covered by the management company Lemanik Asset Management S.A.

MainFirst Holding has therefore acquired the Luxembourg-based management company I|A|F|A S.A., whose name has been changed to MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A.  The administration of the various MainFirst mutual funds in the MainFirst Group will be separated strictly from the portfolio management function both from an organisational as well as from a corporate law point of view.

MainFirst has decided to change the management company in order to be able to offer clients a holistic service on the one hand - and to ensure its own high standards with regard to risk management, investment compliance, reporting standards and administrative tasks on the other hand. 

"We are now able to offer our clients not only first-class mutual fund solutions but also special fund solutions or structuring vehicles," says Oliver Haseley, manager of the Asset Management division at MainFirst. The Luxembourg supervisory authority, CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier), has already approved this organisational change.  "The successful and proven collaboration with J.P. Morgan Bank Luxemburg S.A. as custodian and fund administrator of the MainFirst mutual fund family will also be continued within the new structure", explains Haseley. 

MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A. is the independent management company of MainFirst Group.  Besides the management and administration of the MainFirst funds, the focus is to connect with external third party asset managers from around the world. In addition to the licence for the administration of UCITS funds, the company also has the AIFM licence and can therefore serve as management company for mutual funds and as AIFM for special funds domiciled in Luxembourg. Target clients are primarily national and international asset managers, banks, insurance companies, pension funds and family offices.

  Three new distribution experts on board

MainFirst further expanding its local retail strategy: Three new distribution experts on board

From today, with Uwe Jolli, Lars Kammann and Dominik Schneider three additional experienced business development professionals are available as contact persons for our asset management customers. These hirings further enhance MainFirst's local retail strategy. 

"All three business development experts bring valuable experience and networks. Thereby we want to provide more support to independent financial advisors as well as strategic partners and strengthen our market presence", explains Thiemo Volkholz, Head of Business Development at MainFirst. In addition to its focus on retail distribution in Germany, MainFirst provides services to institutional clients, banks and independent wealth managers as well as family offices.

Before joining MainFirst, Uwe Jolli worked as a sales consultant at Standard Life Assurance for 13 years. He has more than 20 years of experience in the business development departments of investment and insurance companies. Prior to joining MainFirst, Lars Kammann had a position as sales director at Aquila Capital Advisors since 2011. Prior to this, he worked, among other employments, in distribution at MPC Capital. In total, Dominik Schneider has 9 years of experience in the field of portfolio management and focused client coverage for investment products. Prior to joining MainFirst, he was a member of the board at VIV Vermögens- und Immobilien-Verwaltung Frankfurt AG.

"After having successfully established a sound customer base in the Wholesale and Institutional Markets, we are now aiming at setting up an additional channel in the retail segment", comments Volkholz. "As we have suitable investment products and the right people on board I am confident that we will reach our goal of greater visibility with retails customers."


Dominik Schneider, Lars Kammann, Uwe Jolli (left to right)

  Sauren Golden Awards 2015 – four prizes for MainFirst

MainFirst Asset Management is pleased to have won four prizes at this year’s Sauren Golden Award ceremony: 

  • The Sauren Golden Award 2015 for Olgerd Eichler in the category “European Equity”
  • Two gold medals for Olgerd Eichler for outstanding fund management in the  category “European Equity”
  • Two gold medals for Olgerd Eichler for outstanding fund management in the category “German Equity”
  • Two gold medals for Cornel Bruhin for outstanding fund management in the category “Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds” 

The Sauren Golden Award is a reward for outstanding portfolio management. “The prize was given to best in class managers” as a special recognition, explains the organiser of the award ceremony. The decision has been driven particularly by Olgerd Eichler’s qualitative assessments and investment returns over the past years and most crucially in 2015. 

“We are very pleased that both Olgerd Eichler and Cornel Bruhin again succeeded in winning two gold medals in the portfolio manager ratings. We view the awards as another proof of the success of our strategy that relies on strong and independent characters in asset management,” says Oliver Haseley, head of MainFirst’s asset management unit. Over the first eight months in 2015, the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund returned 15.21% and the MainFirst Germany Fund generated 23.00%. The funds have outperformed both their average peer group and the benchmark. 

“Companies in Europe and Germany currently offer many opportunities with attractive valuations and solid balance sheets in a robust economic environment. We therefore continuously screen the market for promising long-term investment candidates with strong margins, profit growth above average and outstanding management,” explains fund manager Olgerd Eichler. “That is how we expect to generate outperformance for our investors.”

  Identity Matters – MainFirst presents its new Corporate Identity

MainFirst is dedicated to provide its clients with outstanding performance and is conscious of the core drivers for our success – our people. It is them who contribute the necessary edge to perform in a complex world.

To provide all stakeholders with a more accessible understanding of our position we further strengthened our corporate appearance. It is the basis for all interaction amongst each other and especially with our clients and business partners. The claim “Character. For More Performance.” summarizes our philosophy, differentiation and competitive strength.

This was shown at the opening event and brand launch on the 10th of September in Frankfurt. We invite all interested parties to look into our services and products and to experience the brand first-hand.



  MainFirst launches new dividend fund – MainFirst Global DividendStars emphasises mid and small cap investments

Portfolio manager Thomas Meier combines the benefits of sustainable dividend payments with the return opportunities offered by mid and small cap companies for the MainFirst Global DividendStars.

Frankfurt am Main, 1 September 2015 – MainFirst has launched a new dividend fund: the MainFirst Global DividendStars. “The MainFirst Global DividendStars offers investors a differentiated access to dividend stocks,” says portfolio manager Thomas Meier. The Main-First Global DividendStars stands out for its ‚barbell strategy‘: the fund combines the sound characteristics of defensive sectors such as consumer goods and insurance with the return and dividend potential in the mid and small cap space.

The portfolio holds about 27 percent in mid and small cap companies. “This approach focuses particularly on family businesses which tended to outperform other mid and small caps over the past years,” explains Meier. The fund also seeks to exploit the potential of future dividend stars for instance in the logistics and financial services sectors.

As a rule, Meier focuses on qualitative factors rather than relying on quantitative criteria such as particularly high dividend yields. Eligible candidates need to demonstrate strong balance sheets, structural profitability, growth potential, intrinsic value and a strong market position.

“I believe that investments in dividend stocks make sense for three reasons just now: many companies increase their pay-out ratios whereas interest rates will stay low for an extended period of time – and current market valuations are moderate,” says Thomas Meier. In fact, valuations have fallen yet again after the recent sell-off. “Entering the market now may well prove profitable for investors. Dividend stocks offer attractive dividends combined with up-side potential in the current environment. I therefore consider them an essential component of any well-balanced portfolio,” stresses Thomas Meier.

Apart from its barbell strategy and its focus on dividend quality, the MainFirst Global DividendStars differentiates itself mainly through its unconstrained approach and broad di-versification. “Particularly the performance of large dividend indices in 2008 has shown that benchmark-oriented dividend strategies can lead to negative surprises and do not allow con-sistent diversification,” explains Thomas Meier. The MainFirst Global DividendStars diversi-fies across regions, sectors and market capitalisations.

The fund will make two distributions annually, in May and November of each year.  

The MainFirst Global DividendStars at a glance:

Share classes















Base currency





Minimum initial investment and minimum total investment

2,500 EUR

2,500 EUR

500,000 EUR

500,000 EUR

Issuance fee

Up to 5% of the net asset value (NAV)

Flat fee**

Up to 1.50% of the

sub-fund NAV p.a.

Up to 1.00 % of the

NAV p.a.

Performance fee


15 %; high watermark, net of costs

 MSCI World High Dividend Yield Net in EUR


Up to 1/100 share

First issuing price

100 EUR


Retail investors

Institutional investors

Distribution policy





* Distributions are made every six months on 15 May and 15 November or the following business day.
** All fee information is plus any potential VAT.

About Thomas Meier
Thomas Meier coordinates the equity teams of MainFirst Asset Management and develops the investment strategies that are designed to offer added value to investors particularly in the current capital market environment with its structurally low interest rates. With the new MainFirst Global DividendStars, Thomas Meier enables investors to benefit both from attrac-tive dividends and the upside of solid companies. Thomas joined MainFirst at the beginning of 2015 from Deka Investments where he led the “European Team” and previously the “Developed Markets Team” as senior portfolio manager. He also successfully launched and managed a global dividend product. Previously, Thomas worked for three years as member of the board and portfolio manager of the owner-managed investment boutique Loys and eight years as portfolio manager at Union Investment where he was the lead manager of the flagship product UniGlobal and head of the global equity team.

About MainFirst Asset Management
MainFirst Asset Management is part of the owner-managed and independent European capital markets bank MainFirst. MainFirst Asset Management currently manages about EUR 3 billion in mutual funds and separate accounts. With its multi-boutique approach, MainFirst Asset Management focuses on selected investment strategies in the equity, fixed income and multi asset space. In addition to its asset management capabilities, MainFirst Group specialises on advisory and trading as well as execution in equity brokerage and equity capital markets. MainFirst with its about 200 employees develops innovative solutions for client success and implements them across capital markets. MainFirst has offices in Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris and Zürich.

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