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06/11/18 The dilemma for savers in the eurozone – why structural trends are more important than economic cycles
Frankfurt am Main, 11 June 2018 – European savers will have to adjust their investment behaviour in order to generate positive medium-term returns. This is the view of Adrian Daniel, fund manager of MAINFIRST - ABSOLUTE RETURN MULTI ASSET, launched five years ago. Growth momentum in the eurozone is slowing and the low interest rate environment will continue. “A look at leading indicators suggests it is not advisable to rely purely on the positive economic situation at the moment”, according to the fund manager. He advises investors to invest on a more global basis and generally to focus their portfolios to a greater extent on long-term structural trends rather than economic cycles.
04/12/18 4 MainFirst funds receive Lipper Fund Awards
MainFirst was presented with multiple honours at this year’s Lipper Fund Awards. For more than three decades the Lipper Fund Awards have been awared across more than 20 countries to investment companies and funds that have excelled at delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to their peer group. Honored multiple times, the MainFirst – Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Balanced (ISIN: LU0816909955) managed by our AAA-rated (Citywire) fund managers Cornel Bruhin, Dorothea Fröhlich and Thomas Rutz, took home awards in the Bond Emerging Markets Global Corporates 5-year category in seven different regions (Europe, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Switzerland and the UK), as well as the award in the 3-year category in Scandinavia. The MainFirst – Emerging Markets Credit Opportunities Fund (LU1061983901), managed by the same team, received the award for the Netherlands in the Bond Emerging Markets Global HC 3-year category.  Managed by Olgerd Eichler, Evy Bellet and Alexander Dominicus the MainFirst – Germany Fund (LU0390221256) received – in addition to such other accolades as the Euro Fund Award and the Deutscher Fondspreis,  the Lipper Fund Award for the third year in a row in the Equity German Sm & Mid Cap 5-year category in Germany.  The MainFirst – Absolute Return Multi Asset (LU0864714000) managed by Adrian Daniel, Frank Schwarz, Patrick Vogel and Jan-Christoph Herbst won in the Absolute Return EUR High 3-year category in Switzerland. Adrian Daniel and Patrick Vogel also received Citywire’s Best Fund Manager 2017 Italy award (Mixed Assets - Absolute Return).  Recipients of a Lipper Fund Award, presented by Thomson Reuters, are investment funds which are evaluated each year on the basis of their historical performances of the past 36 months or more. The funds showing the best risk-adjusted performances in their category over 3, 5 and 10 years are honored with a Lipper Fund Award. 
03/22/18 New Management Board member at MainFirst Bank AG
Frankfurt/Main, 22 March 2018 – A new member will join the Management Board of MainFirst Bank AG: The Supervisory Board has appointed Ebrahim Attarzadeh as a member of the Management Board of MainFirst Bank AG with effect from 1 April 2018. Together with Management Board member Bjoern Kirchner he will form a dual leadership team for MainFirst Bank AG from 1 May 2018. As announced in July 2017 already, current CEO Andreas Haindl will be leaving the company at his own request when his contract expires on 30 April 2018.

Additional Insights

08/14/18 Favourable Fundamentals for Attractive Returns in Emerging Markets
EM fundamentals are intact and dedicated experts can profit from attractive buying opportunities says Thomas Rutz, EM fund manager at MainFirst.
06/18/18 What do a scale and the MainFirst Global Dividend Stars have in common?

Both keep an ideal balance for attractive outcomes.

To generate attractive outcomes for investors, the MainFirst Global Dividend Stars uses the Barbell strategy for a balanced portfolio, and focuses on high quality and sustainability of dividend yields. The fund does not follow a benchmark, and invests globally in companies selected on the basis of an in-depth process of analysis. This is what made it the best fund in its category at the end of 2017 (Morningstar ranked it first of 489 funds in the category Global Equity Income, denominated in EUR. As at 12/31/2017).
04/16/18 Generating attractive returns through long-term trends
Investors are constantly faced with major challenges. With interest rates persistently low, and no prospect of them being raised to their earlier levels in the next few years, they are seeking alternatives. One such alternative is multi-asset funds with a sound investment strategy. MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset, headed by Adrian Daniel, has a long-term investment strategy which aims to generate a return of at least 5% while keeping volatility within a reasonable level. The strategy has proven successful thus far, with an annualised performance of 5.68% and average volatility of 5.1% since the fund’s launch on 30 April 2013 (as at 29/03/2018, unit class C, ISIN LU0864714935).

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