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MainFirst –
Top European Ideas Fund

MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund is designed as a European equity fund. It invests in promising companies that are expected to generate earnings growth thanks to solid balance sheets, high levels of profitability and forward-looking management. The investment decision is based on an in-depth fundamental analysis – with no sector or country restrictions. The aim is to outperform the benchmark index in the long term thanks to a combination of active management and successful stock picking.

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MainFirst –
Top European Ideas Fund

MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund is designed as a European equity fund. It invests in promising companies that are expected to generate earnings growth thanks to solid balance sheets, high levels of profitability and forward-looking management. The investment decision is based on an in-depth fundamental analysis – with no sector or country restrictions. The aim is to outperform the benchmark index in the long term thanks to a combination of active management and successful stock picking.

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MainFirst – Top European Ideas Fund

More about the fund

MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund invests in promising European companies. To qualify for selection, companies need to have solid balance sheets, high levels of profitability and far-sighted management. The investment decision is based on an in-depth fundamental analysis and a calculation of the company’s fair value. This can include both companies with large market capitalisation and small or mid-cap companies. Investments are made with no sector or country restrictions.

Extensive fundamental analyses are performed before the stocks are picked. The fund management team puts the company concerned and its management under the microscope and calculates the fair value of the stock. A flexible blend approach is adopted, i.e. long-term investments are made in core stocks in order to benefit from revaluations and the growth potential of undervalued companies, while at the same time taking the current economic situation into account in order to be able to act flexibly. Thanks to a combination of this active manage Top European Ideas Fund has almost consistently outperformed the STOXX Europe 600 (Net Return) EUR (Performance Index) benchmark index since its launch.

The fund management team consists of Olgerd EichlerEvy BelletAlexander Dominicus and Alexander Lippert.


  • Flexible investment policy without benchmarking
  • Equity funds: price increases based on market, sector and company developments
  • Foreign exchange gains, if applicable                                                                                


  • Equity funds: price reductions based on market, sector and company developments
  • Generally: country risk, solvency and/or credit risks of issuers and/or counterparties
  • Use of derivative financial instruments, if applicable
  • Foreign exchange risks, if applicable
  • The share value may drop below the purchase price the customer paid for the share at any

For detailed information on opportunities and risks, please refer to the current sales prospectus.


MainFirst is committed to the Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) for all investments.

ESG risk analysis
For us, sustainable investing means incorporating ESG risks as a key aspect of the investment process into our investment decisions. During this process, the companies in the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund are also checked for existing ESG risks using the database of the external rating agency Sustainalytics. This is primarily a qualitative process.

active dialogue
We engage in an active dialogue with the representatives of the companies in our portfolio positions. This facilitates a constructively critical exchange on strategic and sustainability-oriented topics. Through this commitment, we aim to achieve an improvement in the ESG profile at company level. Companies with serious risks ("Severe Risk") are assessed separately and their management is approached individually to remedy and improve the relevant issues. For us, this also includes actively exercising voting rights and carrying out regular performance reviews.


In addition, the fund management team wants to make the world a better place by actively investing sustainably. Therefore, we strengthen the sustainability approach of the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund by excluding other sectors:



    • Fracking & oil sands
    • Coal
    • Nuclear power



    • Tobacco



    • Adult entertainment


The exclusion of companies that do not meet the criteria of human rights, labour rights, environment or anti-corruption according to the Global Standards of the UN Global Compact is also a basic requirement of the investment.

Climate impact   

Our goal is to create verifiable transparency with science-based climate impact analyses. Together with the climatrics provider right. based on science GmbH, the economic and ecological aspects of decarbonisation are combined in a tangible and meaningful degree figure for this purpose.
With a view to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, right. based on science calculates the contribution of the portfolio and the benchmark to climate change (global warming).
Accordingly, the MainFirst Top European Ideas Fund contributes 1.0 °C (as of 01.01.2021) less to global warming than its benchmark STOXX EUROPE 600 (Net Return) EUR and thus confirms its ecological claim.

European SRI Transparency logo           

The European SRI Transparency logo signifies that the MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers (Deutschland) GmbH commits to provide accurate, adequate and timely information to enable stakeholders, in particular consumers, to understand the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) policies and practices relating to the fund. Detailed information about the European SRI Transparency Guidelines can be found on The Transparency Guidelines are managed by Eurosif, an independent organisation. The European SRI Transparency Logo reflects the fund manager’s commitment as detailed above and should not be taken as an endorsement of any particular company, organisation or individual.

The current European Transparency Code of the fund can be found here

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